Tents for Baby

I just googled "family tent" under the whimsical and naive assumption that I would scroll through a few review lists, hop on over to Amazon Prime, and have a proper tent for my camping trip next weekend on its way to me within the short duration of my daughter's nap.  Illusions dashed.  Tent buying is … Continue reading Tents for Baby


Eco-Friendly Flowers for (Next Year’s) Mother’s Day

My family lives on the opposite coast and so I am generally scrambling for flower delivery around Mother's Day.  I used to go through those big aggregators like 1-800-Flowers or ProFlowers, until my grandmother subtly hinted that the flower quality was not up to snuff for her tastes (thank you!).  So then I started searching yelp for … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Flowers for (Next Year’s) Mother’s Day