Earth Day Baby Names

Have a little bundle of joy on the way?  I recently gave birth myself and fell down the rabbit hole of baby names.  From to to (my favorite), to the good ol’ social security administration site, there is data galore to help us parents find the right fit.   It’s a bit overwhelming – to say the least.  But it’s also fun!

Here are some of my favorite Earth Day-themed names for April babies and Earth lovers!

Gaia – Outside of Top 1000 – This unique, yet familiar sounding name (think: Maya) is outside of the top 1000 and means Earth Mother herself.

Sequoia – Outside of Top 1000 – This beautiful name, representing some of the oldest, largest trees on earth as well as their Cherokee namesake, is rare and, at first glance, seems primed for the Woodstock set (unless culturally “appropriate”).  Sequoia has a pleasing sound and would not seem out of place with popular Savannah or Sienna, however.

Aspen – This name evokes the image of beautiful Aspen trees and the feeling of cool, crisp Colorado mountain air.  While the first syllable could lead to some youthful name calling, that doesn’t seem to have hurt classic Astrid.

Indra –  This is one of my all-time favorite names.  Not only is it apparently Sanskrit for “possessing drop of rain” and the name of the Hindu deity who brings storms, it is also the name of Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi.

Juniper – This sweet name that offers both a classic nickname, June, and feels refreshing and youthful seems primed for the top 100.  It sat at #429 in 2015, however, and may have a couple of years to go before reaching its peak.

Oceane – The French word for “ocean,” which is now a top 100 name in France, but still rare stateside.  Given the popularity of Sky variations, Oceane does not seem too “out of the box.”

Happy naming!


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